While at the wedding in the Chicago area we stayed at the Naperville Country Inn & Suites, which provides a complimentary breakfast. In my feedback to the questionare they sent after, I noted that the fact that they use bread to sop up the grease in the bottom of the sausage and bacon trays creates a huge risk for people with celiac disease and gluten/wheat sensitivities and allergies, and really cuts down on our already limited food choices at said breakfast.

The manager just sent me an email apologizing and informing he's changing the policy immediately.

So if you need to stay somewhere in Naperville for some inexplicable reason, thumbs up!


Jul. 13th, 2010 07:52 am
  • I am home, but Patty doesn't get home until the weekend-ish, so all is not quite right with the world yet.

  • There will be some interesting, accessible to the public, outgrowth of the conference stuff available soon. Soon, of course, as regards academic timelines, which I find to be geologically slow. More about that from my own perspective later, but for now, soon there will be stuff for you, also I will still post my notes.

  • Also need to write about the Martin Carthy gig.

  • I have to say, Virgin Atlantic handled the gluten-free meal requests MUCH better than Delta. I did get a roll yesterday that contained "gluten-free wheat starch" that I was too scared to eat, because gluten-attack on an airplane? NO WAY IN HELL DO I WANT THAT EXPERIENCE. Do any of the other celiacs reading this have any insight into "gluten-free wheat starch"? Is it derived from clean oats (which I can't eat anyway) or is it some other bizarreo process?

  • Thank you to everyone who posted auction items to [livejournal.com profile] graduate_maria while I was away. I'll try to check up on and update tags and stuff tonight, and bidding will open in a few days. People who have asked me to post items for them or host pictures, I will also try to get that in order tonight. Sorry for the delay, things have been overwhelming.

  • George Steinbrener has died.

  • I cannot believe all this drama about the possibility of a mosque near the WTC site is still ongoing.

  • Oh, this kid again. Teen serial thief arrested.

  • Paperwork fuckery is preventing a team of lacross players from the Iriquois Confederacy traveling to an international competition in Manchester because the UK gov't is worried the US won't allow them back into the country with their tribal passports. The US won't guarantee that they will. WTF?

  • The Son of Sam, his image makeover and a bunch of evangelical Christians.

  • Geese removed (via death) from Prospect Park in response to flight that ditched into Hudson a year and a half ago. 1. Ugh. 2. You know the thing with birds? They'll make more. Killing park geese isn't going to stop them from flying into airplanes.

  • The Advocate has starting putting up the Day in Gay America photos.

  • Big DADT trial begins today, thanks to the Log Cabin Republicans.

  • That damn writing meme going around. It told me it thought "Because Men Once Went West" is written like Stephen King. That would be no.

  • Since I can tell it's going to be that type of morning, and I've other stuff to do: Yes, I've seen the purported Torchwood casting sheet; no, I don't have anything to say about it at this time.
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