Feb. 17th, 2009 12:19 am
I'm home and it feels fantastic.

Flight back was waaaaay better than the flight out.


Kali will post the last KO and GDL live blog tomorrow. So not so live, but it's pretty funny. Life got a bit wonky is all.

Lots of pics, but it will take a few days to get everything up.

If someone can save me the trouble of searching for a link to the Ianto dresses up like a Nazi and fucks Jack and WOAH ISSUES (as it should be) fic and can just point me in the right direction, I'd appreciate it.

If I missed anything important in your journal or fandom or whatever over the last 4 or so days, let me know. My reading of LJ has been sporadic.

If I met you at the con, feel free to friend and say hi -- as I missed a lot of people's user names.

So many people were made of such serious awesome it's hard to know where to start. shoutouts to everyone.
i love this con. love love love. its going to take a week to recap all this shit. also? jill is a precog and this is the best recurring joke ever. meanwhile i really need some tylenol.

in other infinitely more appropriate news got to talk to patty for an hour this morning. her laugh is very soothing to me and i am as ever utterly smitten.

posted from mobile.
And it's time to get up and check out. Actually, it's time to call Patty and shower, but you know. Soon. Everyone else is asleep and I think it's raining. Lots more pictures to share when I get back.

The final capper of the con? Ran into a dude related (cousin? sibling?) to the last woman John Barrowman dated. And we got to see this super hilarious photo of him at like 21 that the dude found up in his attic.

Actually who knows what awaits us in the lobby this morning or on the plane.
Just a few for now.

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Feb. 15th, 2009 08:38 pm
Con over. I'm trying to make myself feel comfortable in clothes that aren't Jack's.

Waaaaaay not working.


Except for the part where it's not.

Drinks now. Pictures later.
did pic with kai and gareth. was shaking so bad kai asked me if i was okay. and to think, i'm a professional.

more Gally

Feb. 15th, 2009 09:41 am
Yesterday was another totally awesome day at Gally in a totally different way than the day before. I got over my shit once I had two panels that went super awesome well (the first doesn't bear mentioning mainly because it was ten am, and I am not funny or functional at that hour) and discovered that, as usually, everything is cured by dancing. Especially dancing to really trashy music while dressed as Jack. And then just to make that more awesome? The dalek came in with a bow on its head and danced for a while, and then the John Hart dude (crazy motherfucker) showed up. It was all freakishly satisfying and there were horrifying pink drinks in the mix as well.

Right now, I am the only one up in my room, although the theoretical plan is to get downstairs and get online for pics with Gareth because we've talked Marci into wearing her schoolboy Ianto outfit for it. I also need to do one more run by the dealer's room and pick up my ticket for next year (not valentine's day weekend, SCORE).

Most pics of me are on other people's cameras at this point, but I suspect will start showing up sometime on Monday. The outfit looks amazing, and seriously, I thought by now I'd be sick of the layers and not showing off my hot bod, but it's all very comfortable on my skin. I suppose that's the fascinating benefit of cosplaying a character who is actually comfortable in their body.

Woke up at 7:30am to page Patty eventhough we all didn't go to bed until three something, but then went back to sleep and I'm not sure she got the page anyway.

What else? One more liveblog later today for Kai and Gareth's last panel and I'm going to try to figure out how to text post to LJ from my phone and send in the pictures I've taken on my cellphone when random things have happened or when I got some great post-Masquerade pictures (Brannigan! and Doctor Who High School Musical, which I can't even describe to you but involved sequins, line dancing and the Tardis doing jazz hands).

Also, signed up for Tardis Big Bang.

More later.
Today's GDL panel in 160 characters or less: http://kalichan.livejournal.com/173237.html

Yesterday's GDL and Kai Owen panel in 160 characters or less: http://kalichan.livejournal.com/172712.html
Cons are so weird. There is always, in my heart at these things, this terrible lurking version of myself petty high school self that wants to come out as we work so fucking hard to be in the right place at the right time for the coolest shit and try to socialize with total strangers about something utterly nerdy.

It's always easy, if you're not careful -- if I'm not careful -- to be cruel and awkward at these things.

It's silly to learn a lot about myself just by putting the kibosh on my own crazy at these things, but I do.

Anyway, Gally is pretty spectacular. Everyone talks about it as the most intimate con, but it's really not that. It's that it's so strange and has so much serendipity. So many funny odd things happened yesterday I don't even know where to start, but at the end of it all, I had a good time, with good people, teared up a little when I first saw the TARDIS they set up and wound up in many hilarious photos. There are stories for LJ and stories for email and I'll be trying to get those missives out soon.

And today is day two.

I almost feel better, but still a bit sick and clogged, and certainly hung over. I have three panels today and I am actually nervous because I haven't done panels here yet and I have found reasons to feel internally awkward about each of the panels I'm on. But I have to remember I'm super funny and really smart and it should be a good show.

While you have to be in it to win it, the only way to win is not to play. Yes yes yes.

Ah, there was something else funny and wise, but I've forgotten now. Off to talk to Patty as it's vday, and my baby is far away.

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