Jul. 8th, 2010 01:02 pm
I've arrived in London.

The computer system at the 5-star hotel (which means good service by men in funny hats) is down, so checking in was a bit complex.

Also, Canary Wharf is a giant maze of wacky, made only slightly better by my wandering around in it lost singing "My Boy Builds Coffins," which should give you something of an indicator on what the flight over was like.

Speaking of, I have tales and tales and tales from the flight over (involving a very, very chatty girl who thought we were exactly alike... um, yeah, no), but that's for later.

When the tales were not transpiring though, I watched a random episode of Being Human, which I had never seen before. It was great (and Russell Tovey is scrumptious), but I'm not actually sure I'm going to be able to watch the show. It was the first episode of season 2 cut since it apparently hasn't aired in the US yet )

Then I watched the second half of "The End of Time" because that seemed appropriate. Most appropriate? I fell asleep after the seen of Ten gagged and woke up again for the scene with Jack and Alonso, because I am awesome like that. Those were the only two reasons I was watching anyway.

Meanwhile, the stone still hasn't passed.

Also, on a whim, I emailed the most famous tattoo shop in London a couple of days ago to see if they could fit me in to get a tattoo I've been planning for a while, since this trip seemed appropriate to the occasion. It takes months to get an appointment at this place. Months! They just emailed. They can fit me in. So I'm heading over there in a bit to talk to them about it, so maybe maybe.

First, food, beverage and the Imperial War Museum. Tonight, working on resisting going to an outdoor concert with fireworks at Kew Gardens as I absolutely must work on my response paper and eat chicken dopiazza instead.

London misses Patty and so do I.
At about 5am, I sat bolt-upright in bed from a sound sleep in agonizing pain in my left lower back. My first assumption was that it was a muscle cramp1 and an initial hot shower seemed to help. Afterwards, I laid in bed, but no position was comfortable, Googling kidney things. The pain started to increase again and I took another shower that didn't help.

But the time I got back to my bedroom, I could not move my left leg except by physically lifting it with my hands because of the amount of pain I was in. I got dressed, shaking (this is probably when i first started going into shock), and somehow got myself downstairs and into a cab, but I could not stand upright and all positions were agony.

At urgent care it got much worse and they told me I would either need to take a cab to the ER or an ambulance. I didn't think I could do it a second time, and asked for the ambulance (I have insurance, but worry, A LOT over what the bill is going to be for all this). I was definitely in shock by the time I arrived at the ER, with a BP of 103/50 and a heart rate in the 80s. I remember my temperature, which had been normal, spiking weirdly too. So that was fucking lovely.

At some random point I realized I didn't know what hospital they'd brought me to and effectively didn't know where I was.

They got me on an IV pretty quick and a lot of things happened I don't remember the order of, but I was twittering it, because I thought it would distract me or some shit. They did a pregnancy test. I was cranky (but I just want you to know, I was really really nice to everyone!). Eventually the doctor came in and said it sounded like a kidney stone or infection.

Kept telling everyone I had to be on a plane to Bristol on Wednesday night. "You'll get there," everyone kept assuring me.

Had a cat scan.

Turns out it's a kidney stone, about 2mm. I should pass it on my own, within the next week. It's moved out of the kidney, so the worst of the pain should be over, but until it gets to my bladder, there might be some more. Which is all fucking lovely when I have to get on a plane in two days (First my Mac, now this? WHAT THE FUCK UNIVERSE?).

The bad news is I have at least a 50% chance of recurrence, and that's before we consider my family history (my father has had surgery for stones and had them for YEARS). The other bad news is that because of all of this they want me to radically reduce my intake of meat and cheese, which would be less difficult if I didn't have celiac disease and have to eat a ridiculous amount of calories daily and am funny about food texture. So when I get back I'll go to a nutritionist or something.

Right now I have some aching2, occasional twinges and am completely exhausted. And I want to punch a bunch of dead fictional characters in the face. Patty's probably even crankier, since she got woken up with all this too as I paged her in Ohio at some point around the ambulance portion of the morning.3

Fucking hell.

Prescriptions filled.4

Also, and this is totally gross, but Internet, I MUST TELL YOU: they gave me a strainer so I can see when the stone passes.5

1 I've had a few intermittent incidents in the last couple of months where I've felt like I've thrown out this same part of my back in bed, but now suspect this has been the stone all along.
2 By which I mean it feels like I've been punched in the kidney by someone who knew what they were doing.
3 Fucking kidney stones. Baby, your girlfriend is old.
4 CVS has me down as a man.
5 Come on, we all know you come here for the fun trivia.

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