Sep. 20th, 2010 06:53 pm
The dress arrived.

- shows off the tattoo
- fits me reasonably, and can be pinned discretely if I don't have time to alter it.

- I should really get it shortened and taken in a bit (I probably could have ordered the smaller size, but it would have fit like a hobble skirt, and I need to be able to sit down in the thing).
- not sure it does all that for my figure, but I'm wearing the totally wrong bra for it today. I'm counting on some industrial magic to make that happen.

- The only people I trust to alter it are the slightly inconvenient folks at the same place that altered my greatcoat. Man, I'm always going to them when there's ISSUES involved. Symbolic awesome? Or logistical nightmare? I CAN'T DECIDE. Because I need it done more than I need it to be funny.

- Alterations less severe than I thought; totally bringing it whereever tomorrow. Definitely shortening it to just above the knee
- Fits everything but my bust line better than I thought.
- I need some fabulous shoes. FABULOUS. Thoughts?
Sorry, take-two because of some typos and a phrasing I should not have used.

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Aug. 9th, 2010 07:58 pm
New Duchess shirts have arrived. Despite the HORRIBLE heat, I have attempted to try them on and photograph them for you.

This was only quasi-successful. Do not comment on my hair. I'm getting it cut. ASAP. I was already on that page, and then saw it with the suit and was like "aaaaargh! aaaaaargh! aaaaaargh!" it's just been too hot to wear them all summer, so I had not realized.

My initial feeling that the collars were different seems to be mostly wrong, although they do seem a little less deep. Mostly though, it's just that they don't have collar stays in them right now (and I shot these with a lack of collar stays, so the lines aren't perfect).

Real pictures when I wear these things for real and I'm not holding the damn camera myself and it's not too hot to bind (which is also mucking up the lines, but jeez, it's like 90 in our apartment) and I'm not showing off the epic circles I get under my eyes because of celiac.


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New shirts will be debuting at Dragon*Con (okay, depending on the weather, Atlanta is hot, and I may just wear dresses in order to endure) considering the newest Duchess employee (Henry, the "Squire of Style") mailed me to say my shirts are done and there, and now just have to be sent here.

So, who wants to bet that this year I get "so you're totally cosplaying Arthur from Inception" except when wearing the brick or purple shirts (which make people go "Ianto!")?

Ah well.

(also, v. v. excited!)

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