One of the reasons I'm so intrigued by Sherlock, despite the complete disaster of the second episode (extra super major racism and script logic fail), is not, actually, because of the chemistry between John and Sherlock, despite the fact that it's fun to watch and a huge contributor to the show's mostly exceptional pacing.

That's right, despite enjoying it, I am not hovering on the edges of Sherlock fandom participation, because it's got the potential for some interesting slash writing.

There are two things that fundamentally appeal to me about the show:

1. Sherlock's brain. Fannish interpretation of Sherlock's brain. I'm not that smart, and I don't want to be that smart (the brain I have is challenging enough, thanks), but if intellectual orientations could be said to exist in the manner that sexual orientations do, the manner of the consequences of Sherlock's intellect are relevant to my interests and experience.

2. The queering of Sherlock. By which I do not mean that I see Sherlock as gay, bisexual, omnisexual or ace. I don't know. In fact, if the show presented me with a heterosexual Sherlock, and did so credibly, I could get on board with that too, without a problem, because it wouldn't make Sherlock any less queer in the literary sense. It's like the queering the villain trope (which the show also seems likely be signing up for in spades with Moriarty; and Mycroft's ambiguities are not insignificant in this regard either). Sherlock is to me a character who is queer in the way I am queer, regardless of his level of interest in sex or who he is attracted to in a physical or romantic way. There is an inherent "other" about him in regards to his instinctive presentation of whatever his sexuality may be, and it is recognized by people who see him, both in the audience and in the narrative. Even a theoretically heterosexual Sherlock is, in this presentation, still queered.

In attempting to read Sherlock fic on my own without recommendations, I have encountered a significant number of fics (clearly a majority, and far greater than in, say, Torchwood fandom, although it still happens there too, although to a lesser degree and is generally more frowned upon) not just warning for slash, but also warning for things like "M/M sex" and "boy kissing" right alongside things like incest and non-con.

To once again participate in full-disclosure: I have in the past warned for slash, because I was being ignorant, at times I was trying to be funny and failing, and at times because I was bowing to a fannish convention that was in frequent and accepted use when I first entered fandom in the late-90s.

HOWEVER, warning for slash is rude. It is hurtful to queer people in fandom. It is potentially harmful to young people who use fandom as a way to first examine their sexuality. And it's disrespectful to a source canon that is inherently queer, even if no characters in it are overtly (or perhaps even subtextually) LGBT.

I AM NOT ADVOCATING YOU NOT LABEL YOUR STORIES. Warnings have their place and are an accepted part of fandom etiquette for common PTSD triggers and content like incest, non-con, underage, and drug use.

I'm just advocating that Contents is an unoffensive and useful tool for the types of items some people search headers for looking for one type of story or interpretation over another. Warning in the case of slash and other queernesses indicates, DESPITE WHAT PEOPLE SEEM TO KEEP SAYING, a devaluing of queer identities and a desire to feel clever and scandalous.

And that warning for kissing crap, that boy kissing crap is particularly devaluing; look at how cute and twee and for our entertainment. Unless you're writing a high school AU, when I see boy kissing as a warning or label or anything? I DON'T READ YOUR STORY.

The whole situation is obnoxious.

And for the people who have been going "please write in this fandom" this is why I am currently not that motivated (see also: my lack of participation in the Covert Affairs fandom). The main Sherlock community does not seem like a place that's actually welcoming to actual queer perspectives and identities because of its moderation policies.

Any questions?
  • We have plan: Patty will be home Saturday. Yay.

  • Tragically, she'll probably be here too late or too tired for the Moulin Rouge singalong. Life is cruel.

  • Have to put up a few more auction things tonight, but remember that bidding at [ profile] graduate_maria opens at 12:01am EST on 7/15/2010. You can still add new items to auction after that point, but it's nice to have a much stuff up by tonight as possible. So far things posted including awesome art, handmade items, fanfiction, a steno starter kit, laster-etched glassware with the custom design of your choice and more. For those willing to signal boost, now is a good time!

  • The Argentinian senate votes on the legalization of gay marriage today.

  • While not going to Infinitus was TOTALLY the right choice (I just got off a plane, the thought of getting on another one tonight is AWFUL), I'm a bit sad. Have fun, you all.

  • Last night the new season of White Collar began, and I liked it very much. The show is still very much a 2+2=5 experience for me, in that the thing itself is greater than the sum of its parts, mostly because of the chemistry between all the performers. And it's the opposite of Merlin -- here the chemistry helps the story instead of consistently getting in the way of it.

    White Collar and gender issues, let me rant. )

    About last night's actual episode, probably not spoilers, but I can never tell anymore. )

    And since I was mentioning it to [ profile] bodlon last night and he hadn't seen it, if you like Tim Dekay go netflix Carnivale right now, even if it was designed for a three season arc and only got two; even if it's super disturbing and occasionally frustrating in terms of internal mystery. It is, among other things, one of the most interesting examinations of female sexuality I've seen on screen.

  • Then I watched Covert Affairs which isn't very good and also has one of these central mystery plots I don't really care for. Let's talk about the blind guy, though. )

  • I don't know if it's my reading habits lately or if this there is suddenly a spate of Torchwood fic about Ianto adjusting not to the idea of being attracted to and sleeping with Jack, and not about Ianto dealing with being out in the public world, but Ianto dealing with a sense of internal disconnect regarding being out to himself or having a life very different than the one he once anticipated: i.e., waking up next to Jack, negotiating domesticity, not having the easy heteronormative guidance of "okay, I'm the guy, now I do this" about all the weird little nitpicky things about sharing intimate space with someone. Has anyone else noticed this? I'm not sure I'm even explaining it well. Anyway, it's a potentially interesting phenomenon (if it's not just all in my head), both for theme and timing.

  • Did anyone, btw, debunk that Torchwood casting sheet yet? It's fake, btw, but I don't feel like showing my math. Someone should get on that.

  • Despite not being a Holmes fan, and not even converted to such through the research I did for Bristol, I have to say, Moffat's Sherlock looks very smart, and I may be watching. And I'm not just saying this because Moffat is now on Twitter.

  • [ profile] redstapler just sent me this: OMGWTF, Batpug!
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