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In the first 15 minutes of the first time our class went to ice-skating, I was scared. I mean, slipping about on ice with knives on your feet is scary. I'd never even seen ice-skating in person before. I didn't know it would be cold, so I crept around the edges of the rink, holding on so I wouldn't fall.

You told me, in those first fifteen minutes that I was too scared to learn, pulled me off the ice and called my parents and told them I could no longer attend this activity. You weren't even the ice-skating teacher, just my homeroom teacher.

Too scared to learn, you told me. I was five. I still can't ice skate, and I don't really care, but I believed I was too scared to do anything (despite fighting against it) for twenty years.

I'm pretty amazing, but what, I wonder, would I have been without you? Maybe even more.

Believe it or not, I think of you every time I hear a couple of lines from Fairytale of New York:
I could have been someone.
Well, so could anyone.
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Sorry, the temptation was just too great.

Me with others? Not so much -- probably that nightmare discussion that happened here about anti-Islamic bias. That was really awful and painful because it involved people I know f2f and caused some friendships to end.

Other people with me? Yeah, apparently the audacity of my having pride in the stuff I do is really, really not okay. It sounds even more absurd when I say it out loud.

Hilarious because: new blog title.

Oh, LOLZ, people, LOLZ.

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ETA: See the question that box asks now? That's not what it used to say. The original question asked which Harry Potter character would you submit to a pat down and why if you were TSA for Hogwarts.

What LJ was thinking: two hot topics get exponentially hotter together.

What LJ actually did: trivialized a significant political and individual rights issue in the US and effectively asked people what fictional characters they'd like to sexually assault.

Sexual assualt: not hot or funny.

The erosion of personal freedom and the application of a whole lot of -isms in the name of security theater: also not hot or funny.

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Answering only because it seems suitable at present.

"Harbor" - Vienna Teng.

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Okay, I'm not actually even going to answer this. I just want to say... hello, Internet, you are funny. Or really not funny. Or something. Or... er, yeah. Anyway.
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The Internet is my magic eight-ball.

Suit fitting now! More work when I get home.

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I once convinced someone that New York City is infested with packs of feral chihuahuas that spread disease and die in the walls like rats.
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Where do I start with the problems with this question?

Gender essentialism flame-war Friday? or the rather obvious questions of privilege?

And that aside, is this rocket science?

Men are less likely to be raped; and more likely to earn higher wages for comparable work.

Women are more likely to get free drinks in bars and are expected to dedicate a higher percentage of their on-average lower incomes to maintaining their appearance.

And when people point this out, some asshole always shows up to say "but it's so hard to be a man; we're made to feel bad for desiring women all the time."

Oi. LJ!
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I'm much goofier in person, although when I am severe, I'm sort of even more so than I am here. The big convoluted sentences though? Just that in RL. I really do function in paragraphs.

Also, apparently I'm taller on the Internet.
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SRSLY? That's like HP/Shark Attack 3: Megalodon crossover fic.
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But the possibility of failure gives it the frisson.

And if I can't fail, then it's not a mere attempt then, is it?
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What if games with horrific scenarios are admittedly popular (lord knows, I'm in fandom, which is just filled with emotional wankery over unsolvable problems of loss and despair and I often love it), but wow LJ, not necessary. Because my city is still fucked up emotionally, physically and fiscally from 9/11/2001 and I'd like it to be over now.
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Because of the glorious power of the compound-complex sentence, I could easily and appallingly stretch this to a paragraph, but I'm so made of awesome, fiction, and ridiculousness (lists and parenthetical statements are also quite handy for this sort of exercise), I don't even have to.

As ever, LJ, thanks for playing!
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LJ, you did not seriously just ask me that.
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To be fair, Latin has perhaps not made me a better writer, but it's certainly made me a more interesting one. Because when you study Latin for more than a couple of years you wind up studying speeches, and studying speeches means studying cadence and all manner of rhetorical tricks. Alliteration may often be over-used, but it's also almost always undervalued. If you can write with cadence, you make your material a pleasure to read. And being able to vary cadence means you have the tools to iluminate worlds that may have different habits and graces than our own, as surely as you have the tools to pen a call to arms. It is those two things are what form stories over and over again. What is this place like? and I challenge you to be here! Characters examine and change their worlds as surely as the author, and it all trickles down through the layers of the story the wirter means to tell and the stories then accidentally revealed within.

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