Hello folks from the LGBT YA*Lit Panel!

I'm still running around with too much programming, but I wanted to make this placeholder post. I will edit it soon to add in some of the books we talked about in the panel last night.

Meanwhile, if you all, or my other regular readers, want to make book recs, please do in the comments.

Things we are specifically looking for, based on last night's conversation:

- YA books with queer main characters that aren't issue books
- YA books with with queer characters in the background that help round out the world
- YA books that allow queer characters to have straight same-gender friends, as opposed to the usual trope of gay guy's best friend is a chick or lesbian's best friend is some dude.
- YA books that have trans characters
- YA books that have asexual characters, or barring that, YA books that would be appealing to YA readers interested in asexual identities
- YA books that might be appealing to young men in the military who may be uncomfortable with the coming repeal of DADT.
- YA books that may address other aspects of sexual identity such as BDSM-interest or polyamory
- Suggestions on how to combat challenges to LGBT-themed YA books in libraries and schools
- Suggestions for how to let publishers know we want more YA books with LGBT content

Did I miss anything?

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