Okay, so, since I don't have time to write these things myself and have now finished the TV portion of the Buffyverse, I put out a plea for links to the following:

- Anything, ANYTHING, at all that does anything with Illyria's implied genderqueer status, especially if it involves Illyria being in a relationship with Wesley or Gunn.

- Angel/Wesley/Cordelia, S1 of Angel, when everything was all cute and domestic.

- Anything at all about Andrew's life in Rome/life as a Watcher.

- I have a fic in my head about Lorne having a thing for Wesley that will probably never get written. I don't know why it's in my head, but so it is. Has anyone else done this without being cracky about it?

- Fred/Willow

- Illyria/OC

- Wesley/Willow around the time Willow went down to LA to help out.

- I think I've found most of the good Giles/Ethan, but I'll always read that.

- Look, I actually like Kennedy. Willow/Kennedy post-series.

- Angel sort of annoys me, but if there's any Angel/Wesley fic that's not all about making them a heteronormative romance novel, I'm probably interested.

- Any fic about Wesley during the whole Lilah and Justine-in-the-closet period that's actually tethered to the realities of human flesh, emotion, and narrative (which is to say, no darkity dark dark fic for no other reason than everyone -- characters and author -- are bored).

- Giles/pretty much any of the Scoobies, as long as it skips the whole playing up the age difference thing. I'm interested in relationships that work in spite of that, not because of it.

(Also, is it just me or did Buffyverse fanfiction mostly happen before fandom got really, really porny?)


Sep. 20th, 2010 09:23 am
  • Tonight Patty and I are dining with friends of hers, then tomorrow it's my parents, and then Wednesday it's just us and Thursday night she gets on a plane. Deep breaths. What's great about Cardiff is this time I won't have to go those two - three weeks where it's impossible to hear from her. Those are always the worst.

  • Right now I have two pitches out that I'm waiting to hear on. My goal for the fall, if I can manage it, is to always have three things out awaiting answer. That way, nothing looms too large and neurotically in my head, and I produce more and get stuff done. Also, if someone says no, most of these things can be retooled for other potential markets/outlets/mediums/whatevers.

  • Meanwhile, 'tis the season in New York. We're just off Fashion Week, now moving into the New York Film Festival and shortly into the New York Musical Theater Festival. It's the most wonderful time of the year -- that is, if you care and have the time and the cash and the clout. Me? Any year I can't get into the opening night of the NYFF always feels slightly tragic to me. I saw Akira Kurasowa's Ran with my parents the year it opened the festival, sitting up in the balcony in a hand-painted sweatshirt dress and a big clunky antique anklet on that had been my grandmother's in the old country. Kurasowa spoke and everyone below us was in black tie, and you could feel in the air that it mattered. It's one of the only times I can think of where I wasn't where I wanted to be, but it was happily close enough.

  • Speaking of that time of year -- it's time for the Regency Assembly in New Haven CT -- October 16 & 17th. (yes, Dragon*Con Recency people, I still owe you a post, but you should come to this!). Baring extreme social excitement, this will probably be my last public outing before I leave for my 5 weeks in Europe at the end of that month, so if you want to say hi, come to Connecticut.

  • Girl on a Whaleship! In 1868 a six-year-old girl went with her family on a 3-year whaling voyage and kept a journal, now scanned in and available online.

  • The Deseret News has been sympathizing with illegal immigrants, angering much of its conservative and devout Mormon readership.

  • At the polls, it's anger vs. despair and that breaks down along gender lines: men are angry, women are despairing and may stay home from voting. I could make comments. I could make a lot of comments, but they'd reinforce a lot of gender dichotomous stuff I work hard not to believe in or pay attention to when it comes to my opinion other people, so I'm just going to let it sit there, because you're all smart enough to draw your own conclusions.

  • Paul Krugman, meanwhile, on the rage of the rich. Btw, it's worth noting that study after study show that something like 98% of Americans, when polled, define themselves as a higher economic class than they actually are. There's some interesting lines to be drawn through my first voter rage link to this one, in light of that.

  • Keeping kids safe from the wrong dangers: statistically, it's irresponsible to put your kid in your car and drive them to the orthodontist; they're a lot safer if they walk there. Alone.

  • The German foreign minister has entered into a civil partnership. Good on him. Article linked because it notes how civil partnership in Germany conveys most of the same rights as marraige, oh, except tax benefits and the right to jointly adopt children. I'm so sick of all these "I suppose that will do" footnotes. Also can you imagine having such a high-ranking openly gay official in the US? Yeah, thought not.

  • So, Boardwalk Empire: Scorsese is at his best when he's working with music, and the same is true for this show so far. Much of the rest of it feels flat, and it's perhaps my own biases (and the heavily rhythmic trailers) that left me feeling this was something of a disappointment. On the other hand, Scorsese is also often at his best when working with small New York stories, so there may be hope for this, even as Atlantic City is on the fringe of New York. Certainly, it's no surprise to me that what shines the most in this show so far is Read more... )

  • Last night on Angel: Read more... )

  • It's worth noting that if I write about pop-culture and race on here, I invariably get a lot of Hetalia ads.
  • sundries

    Sep. 16th, 2010 10:27 am
  • I'm tired. I need to start sleeping with the sleep mask again.

  • Meanwhile, Patty and I have achieved much scheduling. We know when her parents will be here, when we're dining with friends of hers, and, shortly, when we're seeing my parents. And where we're going for dinner the night before she heads out to Cardiff.

  • Last night Cricket got accidently smushed a bit by the bathroom door. Not only was she hissy and upset, but afterwards, she was scared of the door and eyed it nervously whenever Patty and I went to use the bathroom. We had to show her it was safe at great length. She was trembling and really scared of it. Cute silly cat.

  • Patty also took adorable videos of both cats, but I'm having trouble with remembering my YouTube password or how to work editing software so you'll just have to wait.

  • Had amazing mercury retrogradeness with the Paley Center yesterday. All now resolved satisfactorily but man, it was 120-seconds of aggravation I did not need.

  • Must drop a large number of checks in the mail today, including payments for all medical stuff related to my kidney stone (thank god for insurance), money re: Dragon*Con accommodations, and my class reunion ticket. I write it down here so I can remember it.

  • Pitch I said I was going to write last night? Yeah, didn't quite happen. Today's a long work today too, but I'll get to it soon. Same with reading my retconbook rewrite. Argh!

  • Because White Collar is on hiatus: Follow-up on the missing Corot.


  • The Times comments on the changing tone of readers' comments in response to 9/11 coverage. Xenophobia happening after 9/11: unfortunately not surprising. Xenophobia having this surge 9 years after: kinda weird to me.

  • Looks like Australians can breathe a sigh of relief: egregious Internet filter plans unlikely to be implemented.

  • Have been continuing to re-read an old RP/fic thing I was involved in. Cringe-worthy matters previously alluded to aside, I am struck by how much it reflects my anxieties about my creative worth and the public/private dichotomy, the state of queer rights issues at the time, and the sheer randomness of the stuff that can and often does come out of my mouth. Also, man, I need to file the serial numbers off that character and use him for something, because talk about commitment to detail on inner landscape.

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    Aug. 28th, 2010 12:57 pm
  • We slept very late, and correctly didn't get up when the doorbell rang. It was Jehovah's Witnesses, and I feel irritated that they gave us fancy new Do Not Duplicate keys to the building, and this nonsense is still going on.

  • Patty has tied a large squeaky mouse toy to the end of the cat dancer. The cats are HORRIFIED and making faces best described as "Jesus Christ, it's a mouse, in the AIR!"

  • Patty, despite being femme-like in many other ways, does not wear heels. Except she just got this pair of platform sandals with a slight heel that add about 3 inches to her height. She's an inch taller than me, but since I usually wear more significant shoes to her flip flops, I'm generally used to thinking of us as the same height. Last night, she comes home in these shoes, I'm barefoot and she's a giantess. It was super weird.

  • LJ is being slow about delivering comments again, so just FYI if you get something form me you interpret as looming silence.

  • Tiny Turtle! via [livejournal.com profile] moonpupy.

  • How Muslims get treated in America via [livejournal.com profile] shadesong. It's not clear at first, so I will tell you the guy behind the counter is an actor as is the Muslim-dressed woman that comes into the shop. The experiment is how patrons react. (Note: video does not have captioning; if someone knows of there being a transcript anywhere, let me know; if not, I will try to do one this evening).

  • First two teachers harassed a student who they perceived gay. Then another student in the same school-district killed himself because of anti-gay bullying. via [livejournal.com profile] pgdudda.

  • But.... but... but the sand: NC-17 porn circa-1900 via [livejournal.com profile] azn_jack_fiend.

  • [livejournal.com profile] eredien found this Tampax marketing site thingy in which a boy turns into a girl and gets his first period. The boy character then describes his female condition as being neutered and uses cheesy predatory metaphors to discuss his male attraction to women. It's so damn peculiar, it's hard to know what to say about it, other than Dear Tampax, Blogosphere will eat you.

  • The depth of offense I believe all Americans should take from Glenn Beck and co. attempting to usurp Dr. King's mantle is actually beyond my ability to describe.

  • The last resident of Carnegie Hall moves out.

  • Last night we finished season 4 of Angel: Read more... )

  • Meanwhile, I wrote a Torchwood thing. Now all I have to do is my Retcon Book Rewrite and I'm all done on my fic obligations until Kali gets me the next bit of EtGB. Just in time too, as I have a lot of serious business pro work I need to attend to (and if I owe you email in that regard, it'll be sometime this weekend).
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    Aug. 25th, 2010 09:48 am
  • Do you all remember Tiny Kitten that showed up in our hallway some time ago? Well, Tiny Kitten is now Teenage Kitten and Patty encountered him again yesterday for the first time in months and couldn't figure out where he belonged, but then he disappeared. But, that said, there's a litter box up on the roof-access floor, and it's one thing if he's an outdoor cat, but he can't be hallway cat! So if we see him again and there are still no obvious caretakers, we're taking him in, separating him from the other cats, putting up signs and bringing him to the vet and fostering if need be. We are concerned!

  • I'm really, really hoping that because Patty is More Organized Than Me, I did not just accidentally throw out my passport this morning. It's going to be okay.

  • Patty is probably buying her ticket to Cardiff today. Does anyone have any thoughts on traveling cheaply in Europe (in case we're able to meet up on the weekends while I'm in Switzerland before I get to go over there for a bit)? I found a bunch of $30 airfares yesterday, that then had another $250 in taxes. Also, Easy Jet? Wonderful or Satan-spawn?

  • Don't be shocked, at least some some 9/11 families support Park 51. (Also, Dear CNN, it is not a mosque and it is not at Ground Zero).

  • Can we talk about the "Ground Zero" nomenclature for a moment? I hate it. I have hated it since it happened. I am a child of the cold war. A nuclear bomb was not dropped there. The site of the horror is not the center of terrorism, and hello, horrible shit happened in DC and Pennsylvania too. "Ground Zero" has been, since the beginning, a useful term to frame, not just what happened at the WTC as an act or war, but to frame this idea of ourselves ("The West") being at war with Islam (which we shouldn't be, and is what the terrorists are trying, successfully apparently, to trick us into), and that's not a type of useful I can support.

  • Are you fucking kidding me? The NYC MTA wants to raise our monthly unlimited transit cars from $89 to $130. Getting to work shouldn't be a luxury. Here's a petition, although I have no idea if that's useful. But my outrage needs a link.

  • More schoolgirls poisoned in Afghanistan.

  • Philadelphia wants its bloggers who are running ads on their sites to buy a business license. The licenses cost more than the profits most people make on their blogs, and are in addition to business taxes.

  • Speaking of, sort of: [livejournal.com profile] alchemia is in financial need because of medical and other issues and has set up a webpage with advertising and hoping page views can help raise some of the necessary funds (an extra $1,200 a month has just been added to the budget). I'll be frank and say this before a bunch of you say it to me in comments: I'm skeptical about this plan, not because it's a scam (it's not a scam, it doesn't hurt you in any way), but because asking people for page views can cause problem with some ad services ToS, and because it's hard to earn big money with online advertising as a small content provider (trust me, I know this personally). However, it doesn't cost you anything to try to help. Information on why help/how you can help/what the plan is.

  • Huge WSJ article on gluten-free. This is a useful article if you want a basic understanding of my daily concerns, the complexity of which even those who are trying to help often don't understand. Also, while I am a Yankees fan, not a Mets fan, I will now make a point of going to a Mets game as they have gluten-free hotdogs and beer available. Thank you, Mets!

  • In Pakistan, 800,000 people are now only accessible by air. [livejournal.com profile] help_pakistan.

  • The hidden gay cadets of West Point. It's not just Katherine Miller.

  • The dark history of immigrant labor and America's rails at Duffy's Cut.

  • The struggle for women's suffrage (granted 90 years ago Thursday in the US) mirrors national divides on today's issues.

  • The New York City Council is set to vote on an ordinance requiring clerks to inform gay couples seeking domestic partnerships of the other, non-New York jurisdictions in which they can marry and have their marriage legally recognized in New York instead. This is interesting, as it both shames New York State, takes dollars from us for being fuck-ups, but also is, in some way, a first step to eliminating the domestic partnership (which both straight and gay couples, and pairs who are not in romantic/sexual relationships are eligible for in New York City), which grants only a very limited set of rights, but holds some interest locally for those philosophically opposed to marriage.

  • Monks battle the casket cartel.

  • Last night on Angel: Read more... ).

  • Last night on White Collar: Read more... )

  • Last night on Covert Affairs: Read more... )
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    Aug. 24th, 2010 09:59 am
  • I did not bother to rummage the sleep mask out of the suitcase last night and really paid for it. I did, however, dream -- about Dragon*Con and London and [livejournal.com profile] tsarina and the matter of zir name.

  • Last night we made Chinese mustard with stuff we got a Penzeys. I love Chinese mustard, but it tends to contain undistilled white vinegar and then terrible things happen. NOT ANYMORE. HA! (Note: making Chinese mustard involves mixing water and mustard powder; do not get excited about our massive skill or anything).

  • New front door keys to our building. This isn't a bad thing in that that door could really stand to be more secure, but they are Do Not Duplicate keys, which is a pain in terms of getting a third set for cat sitters or whatever. Also, there are not video cameras in the vestibule and front all. This is probably a good safety thing and will cut down on the litter in the buildings halls, but it also creeps me out a little.

  • Yesterday I also found out what the party someone I know was being all "I got to go to _this_ party at Dragon*Con and I am so much cooler than you because they always invite me and it's the event of Dragon*Con" actually was and then couldn't stop laughing for a really long time. Oh, hilarity. And since like five of you will email me going "what, what?" this story does not involve a boy or a celebrity in any remotely direct way, so don't get over-excited. This is amusing on a far more limited basis. And I should take my own advice more often.

  • The victims of the Pakistan flood are sleeping in mud and 118 degree heat. [livejournal.com profile] help_pakistan.

  • Remarkably not about 9/11: The fight for New York's skyline.

  • A haven for victims of acid burns (Note: graphic descriptions, some photos, discussion of domestic violence against both men and women).

  • The metacognition deficit (Note: graphic in-period description of early-19th century breast cancer surgery as the entrance to the topic).

  • Buh, what? Apparently, to be a powerful woman in New York you need Kate Spade three-inch wedge heels.

  • Patty and I watched about 30 minutes of the Miss Universe pageant last night in Spanish (er, we found Telemundo before we found NBC and it was closer on the dial to the upcoming The Daily Show). Miss Jamaica was our favorite and came in as first runner-up, causing [livejournal.com profile] yendi to wake up to some unexpected flattery.

  • [livejournal.com profile] karnythia talks about being pretty in public.

  • For the record: write fiction about whatever you want (seriously, _seriously_, I mean this sincerely, really, really, really -- lord knows I do, and sometimes that works out and sometimes that doesn't), but if you're writing about people that are Other than you, particularly if they are marginalized or fetishized in our culture, understand that the bar for good execution is, quite reasonably, higher -- even if your book/story/fanfic/poem isn't meant for an audience that contains those people (slash fandom, I'm looking at you) and even if you feel it's easier for you to write those people than people who are more like you.

    I feel a profound, agonizing responsibility to my characters most of the time when I am writing; so generally, I think I should feel the same way about my readers too. I believe fictional characters are real, but I know audiences are. Writing is hard; but I'm not always sure why thinking about writing has to be so hard. Make cool stuff; suck less -- not really the worst goal for any of us.

  • I can't believe I have to keep saying this: Can we stop it with "she needs a sandwich" please? Yes, skinny people have privilege and so talking trash about them is ultimately less culturally harmful than talking trash about fat people. However, policing bodies isn't good for anyone, no matter which direction you're doing it in. I'm the size and shape I am because of a genetic disease; and instead of anyone considering something might be wrong or trying to figure it out, peers told me I was ugly, men told me I was fragile and not worth fucking, and doctors insisted I was a liar, an anorexic (this a value judgment from their lips instead of any sort of actually concerned attempted at diagnosis), and just wanted attention. Body policing is rude and harms everyone's health.

  • [livejournal.com profile] mrtonylee's short film, The Shoot, is now online.

  • While I often forget that apparently people still don't get the existence of geek girls, because hi, on LJ and from Harry Potter fandom, this has the potential to be interesting and necessary.

  • The CA state senate passed a measure to repeal an archaic law requiring the state to search for cures for homosexuality. They also passed a measure asking Obama to end DoMA.

  • Caster Semenya is competing again, and some of her rivals are still refusing to accept her as a legitimate female competitor.

  • Last night on Angel: "Shiny Happy People" or AWESOME SHOW IS AWESOME AGAIN. Read more... )

  • Okay, time to do work, there sure is a lot of it!
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    Aug. 12th, 2010 09:25 am
  • Beach. BEACH BEACH BEACH BEACH. Seriously, I love going away with Patty. We travel really well together, even though are travel styles can be pretty different.

  • S1 has sort of died for me. I keep trying S2 and hate all the options.

  • I really wish the super in our building would understand that some of us actually have jobs. He stops me this morning to tell me he has to have someone check our plumbing, as they are checking all the plumbing in the building (this is good because we have a water pressure issue with the cold water in the kitchen, and there's clearly still some leakage going on from the bathroom shower above us), but being all shocked that we need this to be scheduled and can't wait at home all day on random days when the plumber may or may not even show up (has happened before) because we have jobs, annoys the living fuck out of me. Luckily, the management company will call to schedule now. SO ANNOYING.

  • Hrrrrr. I'm taking two RT flights on Delta in the next month, one of which with Patty. I wonder if I should pick up a 30-day pass for the Delta Sky Miles club thingy or whatever. Could make the whole thing less miserable. Normally, I wouldn't spend the cash, but it would get a lot of use. Talk to me, people.

  • The decision on the stay in the Prop 8 case is coming down today. I will be surprised if it is not maintained, but we'll see.

  • Did you all catch Rachel Maddow last night? She is so, so effective on DADT. All the West Point graduates and what not make for very effective media of course. No one really gives a shit about the 19-year-old private getting screwed by this mess. But I lived a good chuck of my life in the very weird narrative shadow of West Point, and it just hits me, hard and strangely. That cadet. Wow.

  • Haven't read it yet, but AfterElton asks if slash has made the world better for gay men. Glad this discussion is happening somewhere other than the table of the frustrated at WriterCon (man, I never wrote up that slash panel that I felt was so problematic. I really should share that little handout with the world).

  • I haven't talked about the global economy in a while. Things are getting messy again. And then there's the wheat situation in Russia. If you only read the financial news sporadically, read it this week and next. And be thankful this is happening in August when the markets are kinda slow and the whole world isn't paying attention and having panic reactions. (On the other hand, it takes less to cause market gyrations in August, so that should also be a concern).

  • Amazon is doing an interesting thing which means hopefully soon I can tell you about an actually interesting thing. (I'm not a tease, I'm impatient).

  • [livejournal.com profile] copperbadge, please comment on the following horror immediately: Chicago-based meat cupcakes.

  • First woman in the New York Philharmonic's brass section.

  • Am I seriously going to have to create a quasi-functional Covert Affairs fandom all by my fucking self? Because while I'm fascinated from a fanthropology standpoint by the spate of "Annie dreams about her and Auggie's wedding" fics, I was never that person even when I was fourteen. Even my badfic was way more weird than that. So... yeah. Help?

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  • sundries

    Jul. 31st, 2010 08:23 am
  • I have, for the last two nights, been sleeping with an eye mask on. Our bedroom gets a lot of light from neighboring buildings (our "fake moonlight," we call it) and a lot of sun early in the mornings. I am sleeping much more deeply and for many more hours than I have in the past, and this is exciting. On the other hand, I no longer wake up gradually, but in pitch blackness am completely freaked out by my alarm every momrning. WE'll see how long this experiment lasts.

  • Some work today, then a friend's bday thingy.

  • Current auctions at [livejournal.com profile] graduate_maria are now closed. I will be doing all the auction close business for those auctions in a bit. Then! Tomorrow, I will post some new items (signed books, a beautiful scarf, etc.) and open those, as well as everything that has yet to receive bids to bidding. Unless you are an auction winner or the sponsor of an auction that has been won, please refrain from commenting over there today for my sanity.

  • Voting for [livejournal.com profile] writerinadrawer round 4.07 is now open.

  • Some of your answers yesterday about the naming of the Oxford comma were hilarious, but everyone largely agreed that the winner came from [livejournal.com profile] roy_batty.

  • I've neglected to mention that Anne Rice has left organized Christianity because of what she deems its anti-gay, anti-feminist stance. Now, as you all know, some Christian churches fit that description and some don't, but I note this here largely because when I read The Vampire Lestat at twelve, on a dare, my father threatened to have me exorcised, and it was with great glee he reported Rice's conversion to me. I'll surely be hearing about this soon.

  • Possibly only funny to a certain subset of TW fen: I have an audition next week for a radiotheater-style stage production using material by Lovecraft. I would very much like to book this. ETA: Dammit, dammit, dammit, the show schedule is nearly impossible for me. I could probably make it work, but it might be epically stressful. Currently undecided about what to do.

  • The Boy Scouts are trying to rebuild their image. Actually, the Girl Scouts are doing a lot of thinking about theirs too.

  • New York City and the private garage menace.

  • Last night on Angel and Buffy: Read more... )

  • I smell burnt toast.
  • sundries

    Jul. 27th, 2010 09:21 am
  • Yesterday, my father called me and told me not to get gout.

  • Hey, can we talk about John Stewart's facial hair? I think he looks hot (minus the marshmallow fluff); Patty hates it. But we both want to know, WHY this grooming change. Anyone?

  • No one told me, NO ONE TOLD ME, that the actor who plays Arthur in Inception is that kid from Third Rock from the Sun. I read Arthur/Eames porn yesterday and now I feel dirty, not in the good way.

  • You know what's awesome about Inception? You (read: me) can write something really long and smart about it and be totally wrong. Awesome interview with Dileep Rao here.

  • Gay tango festival in Argentina. Meanwhile, New York City will be having its own LGBT tango festival in October. One day I should like to be less incompetent at tango than I am, but I think it means Patty and I taking proper lessons as opposed to the quickies in crowded ballrooms wherein I get all frustrated and am no joy to anyone.

  • CNN has an odd article (it's the slightly breezy tone), about the mental health issues potentially involved in getting plastic surgery to look like a particular celebrity. The article, somewhat hilariously, also tells us that "not everyone can look like a Pitt or a Jolie, despite the advancements in plastic surgery."

  • Hey can anyone tell me if Chocomize is related to Chocri or which came first or whatever?

  • How to measure yourself for custom menswear. Note: specific instructions from specific retailers/designers, etc, may vary; listen to them first. Also note: if you are female bodied there's stuff obviously not included in here that you'd want to consider for both fit and presentation/illusion; if you have a question, ask me.

  • I have, because of its upcoming conference in New York and a series of awesome "Tourist, don't be a asshole" things people are writing for it, become aware of BlogHer. Would anyone care to shed some light on this thing? Since my main reaction is one of (inappropriately) blaming women for being timid about speaking or existing online mixed with (moderately more appropriate) generalized rage that it should be this way. What is BlogHer? Do you use it? It is a good thing? Why should I shut my face? Help, help, I'm being confused! (ETA: For some reason, several commenters have assumed that my theoretical discomfort with BlogHer comes from some issue related to SAHMs, despite the fact I, in no way, mention motherhood in this item; more on what I was trying to puzzle out in this comment).

  • Prepositions and the ongoing mess over the Islamic center that may be built near World Trade Center Site.

  • A bizarre story involving a military contractor, a memory erasing pill that doesn't exist, a $100,000 belt buckle and some hookers. And not, by the way, written by William Gibson.

  • [livejournal.com profile] xtricks has another installment in what I can't seem to stop calling Teh Buttsex Series! The concluding list of "what is not in the butt" made me laugh so hard I am ashamed.

  • Because of Gattaca news stories about one of Saturn's moons make me tear up: The lakes of Titan are shrinking.

  • Last night on Angel: Read more... )

  • It's Tuesday. Does you know what Tuesday means? White Collar and Covert Affairs. Still working on the Auggie/Jack fic, but it's working. Also thinking someone should write a Covert Affairs/Inception crossover. You know you want Auggie hunting Arthur down in dreamspace, right?

    Meanwhile, much to Patty's relief, Project Runway starts Thursday.

    I think we're going to try to see The Kids are All Right this week.
  • sundries

    Jul. 22nd, 2010 09:41 am
  • I have, perhaps, neglected to mention The Piano in the Hallway. It's on the landing of the floor below us. It's clearly a vintage upright that I'd put at around 1930 based on the cabinetry on it. It's gorgeous; it's also in rough shape and needs, at minimum refinishing.

    Here's the thing: I don't know if someone is getting rid of it or if it's living in the hall while they do some renovations. I do know I've heard someone in the apartment it's near playing, and perhaps teaching, in the past. And it seems gauche to ring their bell and say "hey, is The Piano in the Hall up for grabs?"

    Also, I'm afraid it has bedbugs. Really. They love little wooden crevices. Additionally, we have nowhere to put it. But I'm still intrigued.

    This morning as I was leaving for work, there was a woman who clearly lives in the apartment right next to the one from which the piano was emitted (these two doors are adjacent to each other at about a 120-degree angle) complaining, loudly (in Spanish, so I only caught about 70% of what she said) to the super that she can barely get in and out of her apartment due to The Piano in the Hallway and Something Must Be Done.

    She's absolutely right, even if a piano is less grievous than the hideous mattress that lived in the hall last week or the ongoing situation with the severed doll heads that pop up periodically or that one time someone spilled a can of red paint down the stairs.

    But it's a piano, as the super told her. And no one knows what to do about it or who to ask or if it's there for the taking or if it has bedbugs or what.

  • Rokeby House, a crumbling mansion on the Hudson is home to artists, Astor and Livingston descendants, and their friends. The people living there largely don't venture into the front rooms, left as a shrine to earlier generations. This is a weird/magical one folks.

  • Cool word thing about Welsh and recycling. via [livejournal.com profile] adammaker.

  • A feminist Victorian-era sex survey has been rediscovered. via [livejournal.com profile] justpat.

  • Drugging kids to give parents a break (or for amusement or punishment) is abuse. Um... no, really?

  • Phaal is a super-hot curry with ten types of peppers in it. Cooks wear protective masks while making it at Brick Lane Curry House in New York, and the dish is attracting rowdy tables that high-five each other for eating it. Time to watch going out for an English again, ne?

  • Jesus christ, [livejournal.com profile] newyorkers is now the most useless community ever! Someone set up an intro post, this was helpful until some selfish special snowflake posted her intro not in comments. Ugh. Ugh ugh ugh.

  • Other lives: [livejournal.com profile] coyotegoth found an old pic of me at the Deathly Hallows book release party at Books of Wonder, entertaining some random kid whose parents came up to me and declared "Snape is his favorite." I don't recall why I happened to have Lucius's cane in those shots.

  • Last night on Angel and Buffy - Wesley is all dub-con and the Watchers' headquarters blows up. Read more... )
  • sundries

    Jul. 20th, 2010 09:40 am
  • Announcing The Society of Friends of the Text. This is an outgrowth of what we did in Bristol and while there isn't a lot of content there yet, there will be soon. I'm hoping to finish my conference report tonight to post there and will post my response to the paired paper there eventually as well.

  • [livejournal.com profile] usullusa recently came out to her (I actually don't know your pronoun preference, let me know if I should change this) parents as queer. Their response has been to bar her from their house (when they are not trying to confine her to it), threaten her physically, use dehumanizing language towards her, demand she beg their forgiveness, harass her when she has been outside the home and engage in gender-policing towards her. Read more... )

    If you can assist her in this NYC-area hunt for long-term or odd job employment, please let her know. She has posted a remarkably sanitized run-down of her situation here. She is someone Patty & I both know in the face-to-face world, and we are frustrated not to be able to offer the types of resources needed here. I can, however, be loud.

  • The auction to help [livejournal.com profile] theotoky graduate college is also ongoing. You can find it at [livejournal.com profile] graduate_maria. The fundraising goal is $5,000. Right now, including donations, buy-it-now items, and bids for items that haven't yet closed, we're just past the $1,000 mark. Please consider bidding, offering an item or boosting the signal. Why we're holding this fundraiser is explained in the community profile information.

  • Heaven help us: [livejournal.com profile] newyorkers is a spotlight community on LJ currently. Meanwhile, I may strangle someone. Look at the tags. Be specific in your queries. And don't tell us about how you love New York City but have never been here but really miss it. Or post your crappy photo essay about it from three years ago. Or otherwise get in the way of what the community is for: practical help on specific issues for people living here, people visiting, and people thinking about coming here. Arrrrrrrgh!

  • Problems with early breast cancer detection.

  • Constance McMillan has won: Her school will update its anti-discrimination policy to include sexual orientation (a first for Mississippi) and pay her $35,000.

  • Gay marriage and the Indian diaspora in California. via [livejournal.com profile] redstapler.

  • Essentially teen-retailer (okay, Patty and I both totally shop there) Forever 21 is now marketing maternity wear in, coincidentally, states with higher than average rates of teen pregnancy. They deny the marketing strategy (try harder, folks), and soon enough, you'll hear various squeals of outraged horror that someone is suggesting that young pregnant people be allowed to wear something other than sackcloth, ashes and a wooden sign that says "whore" around their necks. This one isn't going to be fun. via [livejournal.com profile] redstapler.

  • [livejournal.com profile] bitsyrant talks about a relatively innocuous-seeming (if catty) tweet from Steven Moffat and why it can/will/may actually create a big mess by implication and, as such, was a pretty ill-advised moment.

  • I hate this Auggie/Jack story. I've written it three different ways three different times and it's STILL NOT WORKING. Read more... )

  • I haven't looked at this in a while, but moving into SDCC and with the not-unsurprising aftermath of Infinitus at hand and a current Twitter kerfluffle or two (not directly related to Moffat), it seems a good time to relink patronage, transactional relationships and fandom. Maybe if I have time later (and let's be frank, I probably won't), I'll write a bit about for-profit and non-profit cons and why neither should suck, but sometimes both do for totally different reasons. Of course, both versions can also bring the awesome.

  • Last night Patty and I returned to Angel. Read more... )

  • Meanwhile, who wants an "Angel vs. Torchwood: Cracky Spinoff Deathmatch" panel at Gallifrey? I don't really know what it would be about, but I think it would be AWESOME.
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